NBN Ready Phone Systems

Hosted Phone Systems

Cloud King provide hosted phone systems for many of our clients big and small. These solutions have saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars of phone costs and provide them with monitored and managed, professional PBX solutions.

Our hosted PBX systems allow us to connect all of your locations through one central system without the massive overheads of a traditional PBX.

Using the latest equipment we can tailor a professional solution that will allow your customers to reach you with ease and can even notify you via email, who called, for those times you are unable to make it to the phone.


How much can I save?

This is a real world example taken from one of our clients comparing their current bill with a top tier provider with their equivalent solution at Cloud King Connections.


This solution is a like for like comparison with identical provided services, no loss in call quality or phone system performance and better management and maintenance. Contact Cloud King Connections today to get your obligation free quote on the best phone solution to meet your needs and save you money.